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Reference pictures Reference pictures MCH Coop Coop is sire to Lord Odin. 159147897 Basil Mini Silky buck, used for 2013 kids. 167888865 Rosie Dam of Persephone 201393270 Sinatra Used for 2010 kids. 154963203 PingPong sire to Persephone 201393324 Sinatra His headshot of his eyes 154963221 Trixie Dam to Heidi and granddam of Seven 201393267 Ulee sire to Lacie 201393103 Shady dam to Lacie 201393104 Mew Dam to Vader 201393105 Smokey sire of Casanova 201393444 Emmeline dam to Casanova 201393448 Blossom dam to Sage 201393412 Beaux sire to Sage 201393413 Apollo used in 2017 204571561 Casanova sire to Zues 204571563 Godee dam of Chione and Comet 204571571