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Extended Goat Family Extended Goat Family Jewel Eostar, aka Jewel..with her new housemate. 154963662 Jewel 2010 doeling..Eostar in her new home. 154963568 Loki Our first wether and companion to the girls. He THINKS he's a buck. 66079918 Loki Loki's flip side. 66079919 Trixie Trixie now lives with the Churchill family. 143176037 Aphrodite 2011 kid, Trixie x Love 143176035 Artemis 2011 kid, Yuki x Comanche 143176040 MiniMythic Lucky Charm Trixie x Guy daughter 189390476 MiniMythic Jinx Trixie x Guy daughter 189390477