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Our first kidding-2010 Our first kidding-2010 Earthquake delivery 77319402 A1 is here 77319401 Lance helps clean breathing passages 77319869 A1 moved to front of momma for her to clean 77319870 Everyone helps 77319975 Trixie cleans A1 77319976 Here comes the next 77320040 A2 on way 77320041 A2 comes easy 77320177 Lance moves in to clear nose & mouth 77320178 Trixie busy with A1, so we need to help with A2 77320319 Messy job 77320184 Clearing nose and mouth 77320185 A2 put in front of momma 77320318 Trixie cleans A2 77320658 A1 rests while A2 is cleaned by mom 77320659 Kids help clean up the kids 77320633 more cleaning 77320634 Here's the twins 77320716 Lance with A1 77320717 A2 awaits her turn 77320715 Lance dries A1 77321068 A1 attempts to stand 77321067 A1 decides resting to better 77321066 Being born is hard work 77321235 A2 gets full attention from mom a bit 77321234 Trixie is very attentive 77321265 Arianna dries A2 77321264 A1 back with mom, while A2 is dried off 77321437 babies settled in front of mom 77321438 dry babies inspected by mom 77321439 Trixie tends the babies, while we clean up pen 77321440 tired babies 77321725 Trixie keeps cleaning 77321726 clean toes 77321724 Good momma tends to both 77321824 Time to get up 77321823 Trixie back on her feet 77321825 Cleaning up delivery mess 77322204 Yup, those your babies Trixie 77322205 There, almost all clean 77322206 assisting A1 to nurse 77322235 Trixie encourages them to stand 77322236 next job: stand and nurse 77322237 A2 works on nursing 77322629 Momma's love 77322630