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Showing Memories Showing Memories Boys with the kids Ready for their 1st class 89615527 Ring side at DelMar Ariana watching the does 89615526 Ramona Stars Kids from the Ramona Stars goat group, waiting ring side. 89615528 1st class Heidrun +Eostar's 1st show 89616431 Finishing Junior division kids back in the ring..good job guys. 89616432 Jared and Yuki Yuki got 3rd. 89617327 Jared and Yuki Leaving the ring 89617326 Lance and PT PT wins AoB grand champion 89617877 Gr.Champ. line-up PT represents the AoB division in Best in Show class 89617878 Showmanship-Intermediate div. Jared with Yuki and Ariana with Trixie 89623030 Heidrun -jr ch Heidrun and Lance take jr champ. at Del Mar , youth div. in 2011. 143175579 Our sign 154964806 Del Mar- 2012 Jared showing Tera at her first show, junior kid class. 159147135 Del Mar- 2012 Jared showing Calliope and Lance showing Heidrun. 2yr old milker class. 159147222 Del Mar 2012 Jared showing Yuki, 4yr old milker class. 159147446 2016 Ribbons won at Del Mar 2016. both Nigerian and Silkys 202329345