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First Aid List

General care—

For scours—Bio Sponge/Pepto liquid/spectoguard/GI soother

Eye treatments-- pink eye solution, antibiotic for eyes-Terramycin, eye wash

Wound care-- Blu-kote, Betadine scrub, wound spray or ointment

Antibiotic ointment

Stop Bleed/septic powder


Stomach/intestinal issues—Bloat treatment, baking soda, activated charcoal paste, MoM

Skin treatments—ChlorHexidine, anti itch spray gel

For dehydration-- Electrolyte powder

Supplements/stress paste-- Selenium-Vit E gel, Replamin, Respond, probiotics

For anemia- Red Cell

For allergic reactions- Benedryl

For UC treatment-- Ammonium Chloride (very important for wethers)

For Lice/external parasites—Cylence, Ultraboss

For cocci—Toltrazuril

Wormers-- safeguard/ivomec plus/valbazen

Misc. -- Heating pad          Oral dose syringe       Mineral oil    Thermometer

Comfrey salve         Nutri-Drench/Karo syrup      Epsom salt      Rubbing alcohol

Cotton swabs        cotton balls      weewee pads      towels        honey

Vet wrap    bandage scissors       non-stick med pads         medical tape

adhesive bandage       scalpels

For extra copper- Copper boluses, bolus gun- if needed/ I prefer to use Multimin

IF you have experience to use and you can get-

syringes (luer lock if possible)– 1cc, 3cc, 6cc, 12cc

Needles- 18g, 20g, 22g

Vit B injectible

Tetanus Anti-toxin (MUST BE KEPT COLD)

Tetnus Toxiod (MUST BE KEPT COLD)


Banamine injectible

Antibiotics- Pen G, LA-200, Nuflor, etc

Epinephrine- used for toxic reaction to shots/meds

CDT (this is the annual vaccine) (MUST BE KEPT COLD)

Other vaccines based on area and need

If Breeding Goats, add the following—

Lutelyse injectible (MUST BE KEPT COLD)

Oxytocin injectible (MUST BE KEPT COLD)

Calcium drench

Mastitis treatment

Kidding supplies---

Disposable OB sterile gloves, paper towels, Scissors, OB Lube, Trash bags, weewee pads, small flash light, iodine /naval spray, kid puller, dental floss, colostrum gel, towels

If bottle feeding-- goat milk and goat colostrums (not the powder ones)

*** If you cant find something you need, please feel free to contact me, I may be able to help. Email [email protected]